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I was overweight almost my entire life! Even when I was a teenager, I was plump and by trying to become slim, i followed this "I-try-every-diet" journey and hence also my roller coaster trip. Each time it was a denial of delicious things that i liked to eat and more or less a torture that seems to work but after endless eterneties, only a few kilos were gone...and after a short while, they reappeared and a few more kilos sneaked onto the scale! I accepted myself and arranged my habits and felt comfortables as I realised that I cannot fight them! Cooking and baking is my passion. Enjoying a lovely meal is quality for me. Planning the menue and trying out new recipes I cook for friends is pure joy and that increased my ordeal. Through all the years I remained fit and healthy, thanks to that, my vitals have always been fantastic, despite the overweight i carried.

In November 2019 i accidentally came across the book  "The Obesity Code" by the Canadian Nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung. I finished reading this fascinating book on the 28.11.2019 and without hesitation I started my new life with Keto. I knew very little and sucked in all the information i could get on a daily base, the more I learned the more fun I had and that every day! No counting of calories, no weighing of portions, everything was very easy and i enjoyed it from the beginning. It never felt like a diet but it was my way of my new life! I will gladly tell you my story and answer your questions when we sit around the fire in the evenings :)

In the meantime, a few months have passed. I dearly love my new lifestyle and I feel twenty  years younger with the an energy accordingly!!!!!!! Losing weight amost became like a side effect, the new joy of life is fantastic. My enthusiasm for cooking and baking is still alight, as much as my love for enjoying a good meal, just with a different approach!
Be ready for a healthy future

My Idea

With time, the idea grew that i want to share my enthusiasm with others for this way of life. I want to "contage" and motivate others, show how simple and full of joy this way is and that you do not have to miss our but just make a few adjustments in order to succeed. There is a saying that two weeks are enough to make things a habit. I keep learning, every day. Again and again i discover new, exciting things on this way. One thing i know for sure, a life like before end of November 2019 i cant imagine anymore! I am not yet at my goal but at the same time i know, i already have made it!!! All the little aches and pains that come with age have all of a sudden disappeared. I wish i could express in words how this new "me" feels but i simply cant. You have to experience it yourselfs!
Be clever - eat smarter

My Vision

The beauty of this country, relax in nature, relax your soul in the wide open spaces of Namibia...learn together in an easy way how to become a new, more healthy "me". Strengthen the body and immune system, getting energy back. Enjoy cooking and baking. Sitting at the fire, enjoying generous and delicious meals and losing weight at the same time! In short daily workshops showing how it works, being confronted with questions of participants, also critical ones and explaining new approaches. This and much more i want to do with "The XXL Tour" participants.
Have you ever thought of changeing your lifestyle? Following a more healthy path for your body and soul? Join our XXL Tour and let us help you while we enjoy the neverending beauty of Namibia...the peaceful natur and wide open spaces surely make any change much easier! Namibia, one of the safest, healthiest and most peaceful place to strengthen your immune system by choosing a healthy way of living! Dont hesitate any longer, book your space now as we are a very small group.
We believe in real experiences. We create the moments that inspire you, excite you, challenge you, connect you with the world & stay with you for life. And we care about making sure these experiences contribute positively to the people and places we visit. Go on holiday with a healthy lifestyle! Normally you worry because of the extra puddings and big meals you eat...but this time, we focus on fresh food and lose weight while we indulge in rich, tasty and generous menues.


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